clark gable myrna loy

From October 1938:

To her husband she’s Minnie. To her public she’s Myrna Loy, but to Clark Gable she is The Queen.

“At first I was a little afraid of her,” Gable admitted. “I thought she was mysterious but I soon learned that there was no mystery about her at all. I found her to be down to earth folks, treating the lowliest worker with the same respect and friendliness as those in the upper brackets. Anybody can talk to her and she listens intently.

“She is a comfortable person. She has definite ideas and is always nonchalant about them. She also gets what she wants for she has a perfect success system. There’s nothing vain about The Queen either. She has tons of freckles on her face but you will never catch her trying to hide them not even for an evening.

“I have never seen her embarrassed; I wondered why. I found out. In her childhood she lived in the wide open spaces of the cow country in Montana. She rode herd in the saddle side by side with her dad, a big raw-boned cattleman. That companionship must have left a lasting impression on her for today she has the mind of a man about pictures.

“In her home, where I visited several times, she lives a very informal life. When she has guests, she does not herd them around like cattle nor permits them to be stuffed shirts. She insists that every guest be right at home and do what he or she wants to do. It’s typical of The Queen.”