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On January 20, grieving Clark Gable took his wife and mother-in-law’s broken bodies back to California.

Gable Plans to Take Carole’s Body Back to Hollywood Today

Clark Gable planned to return to Hollywood with the crushed body of his wife, Carole Lombard, today after identification of the body of the film actress’ mother.

Gable’s film studio associates said a double funeral would be held tomorrow or Thursday for Miss Lombard and her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Peters, both victims of an airline crash in which 22 were killed.

Only a few personal friends will be invited to the services at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, it said. Miss Lombard’s body will lie near those of Will Rogers and Jean Harlow, whose deaths like that of Miss Lombard stunned Hollywood and the Nation several years ago.

The Union Pacific Railroad made a special railway car available to afford Gable complete privacy on his return to Hollywood.

Plans Canceled

Plans to return last night were canceled because Mrs. Peters’ body was not identified positively.Miss Lombard’s body was identified Sunday night by use of dental charts.