clark gable ria franklin

From August 1936:

People who are wealthy always have relatives or friends who are willing to share the burden of riches.

In the case of married masculine stars, trouble ensues when they separate from their wives. Rudy Vallee discovered this fact when his ex-mate, Fay Webb, attempted to set aside a property agreement. The case was recently settled by the payment to Fay of a fat sum.

Clark Gable has asked the Los Angeles coyrts to interpret a settlement recently agreed to by himself and his estranged wife. Gable claims that he understands that his wife intends to enter an action to set aside the agreement, and demand a much larger amount. He wishes to have the agreement held valid, and asks that Mrs. Gable be enjoined from attempting to set it aside.

The star’s wife expressed surprise at the action, but had nothing more to say except that she did not contemplate a divorce at the present time.

I predict that we shall have interesting news when this case goes to trial!