This little photo spread appeared in LOOK magazine in 1955.

clark gable kiss

Breathes there a girl who, at some time or other, has not dreamed of being bussed by that master, Clark Gable? A reasonably true-to-life dream might go like this:

The young lady is visiting a Hollywood sound stage, where a Gable picture is in the making. Suddenly the leading lady is taken ill. Consternation grips the studio. But wait. Our heroine steps forward.

“If I’m not intruding,” she says demurely, “may I suggest that you try me in the role?”

The director agrees and she falls into Gable’s arms. But alas, there’s a sad ending to this promising reverie. Girls, Gable eats onions!

He likes ’em fried. He likes ’em boiled. But most of all he simply dotes on them raw. Look! P.S. One gal didn’t mind—the new Mrs. Gable.

clark gable fishing onions

clark gable fishing onionclark gable fishing onions

Sometimes he was known to add a smear of mustard to the bread as well. Sounds appetizing, yes? He tended to like onions on just about everything–on steak, on hamburgers, in baked beans and in his potato salad.   I don’t know where Clark’s affinity for onions came from, but he sure did love them!