carole lombard horse

Gossip Friday: A Horse for Carole

From December 1936: Clark Gable’s Christmas gift to Carole Lombard was a thoroughbred three-gaited saddle horse; Carole, still sick in bed, is yearning to try out her latest pet.¬†

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Gossip Friday: Not a Clotheshorse

From April 1941: One of the reasons, admittedly a minor one, that Clark Gable and Carole Lombard get along so famously is that both see eye to eye on the...

clark gable carole lomabrd

Gossip Friday: Got Weeds?

From December 1941: Weeds have so over-run the Clark Gable-Carole Lombard garden, they’re offering cuttings of Tuberous Burdock and Nightblooming Pigweeds to friends.

Gossip Friday: Laid to Rest

Gossip Friday: Laid to Rest

From November 24, 1960: Clark Gable’s body has been entombed beside the remains of actress Carole Lombard, the third of his five wives. Meanwhile the film star’s will was filed...

Gossip Friday: At His Peak

  From October 1960: Travelers back from Nevada, where they watched “The Misfits” shooting, say the big news is the way Clark Gable looks–fit and handsome, and at his absolute...

clark gable army press conference

Gossip Friday: Causing an Uproar

Since tomorrow is Veterans Day, here is an item that appeared in October 1943: Clark Gable Throws Pentagon Into Uproar As He Talks War It was colossal! The army may have...

Gossip Friday: A Friend to Reed

Gossip Friday: A Friend to Reed

From July 1941: Because Clark Gable and Carole Lombard interested themselves in his career, tall, handsome Reed Hadley, who hails from Texas via New York theatre and radio acting stopovers,...

clark gable carole lombard camping

Gossip Friday: Lombard Camping Co.

From September 1940: Before Clark Gable was married, he would go on a hunting trip by tossing a sleeping bag and guns into an auto and whizzing away. Since his...

clark gable carole lombard

Gossip Friday: Star Ranchers

From November 1940: Most publicized star-ranchers are Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who can’t pick an orange or feed a hen without having to pose for a picture. So many...

Gossip Friday: Mystery Flowers

From August 1936: Red Camellias for Carole Lombard. There’s a romance there, but Hollywood has been unable to learn the name of the man. Each morning during the past week...