Manhattan Melodrama

william powell myrna loy

October Movie of the Month: Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

This month, Clark Gable is doin’ what he does best as the fast talkin’ rogue, Myrna Loy is his lady and William Powell is his conscience in Manhattan Melodrama. Gable...

clark gable myrna loy william powell manhattan melodrama

Nutshell Reviews: Men in White (1934) and Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

In a Nutshell: Men in White (1934) Directed by: Richard Boleslawski Co-stars: Myrna Loy, Elizabeth Allan, Otto Kruger Synopsis: Gable is George Ferguson, a young doctor working hard to prove...


Some “Melodrama” in Public Enemies (2009)

I recently saw the new Johnny Depp film, Public Enemies, about notorious bank robber John Dillinger.  Dillinger was famously gunned down by FBI agents in front of the Biograph Theater...