Gone with the Wednesday

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Gone with the Wednesday: That’s All Folks

Today is our last Gone with the Wednesday! I’m a bit proud that there was a GWTW-related post once a week, every week for an entire year! I’ll have a...

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Gone with the Wednesday: Repost–Gone with the Wind Hits Los Angeles

This week, here is a repost of a post I did in 2010 detailing the Los Angeles premiere of Gone with the Wind, which took place December 29, 1939. Carole...

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Gone with the Wednesday: Merry Christmas from David O. Selznick

Clark Gable and Gone with the Wind producer David O. Selznick didn’t exactly always see eye-to-eye (to put it mildly), but nonetheless David let bygones be bygones and gifted Clark...

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Gone with the Wednesday: 45 Atlanta Premiere Facts

1. Tickets for the premiere went on sale at Loews Grand Theater on November 18, 1939. 2. The premiere festivities lasted from December 13-15, 1939. 3. Ann Rutherford (Careen O’Hara)...

Gone with the Wednesday: On the Set

Photos from the set of Gone with the Wind:

Gone with the Wednesday: Gone with the Turkey

In what has become a yearly tradition, AMC (American Movie Classics) is showing a full day of Gone with the Wind today, the day before Thanksgiving! It will air starting...

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Gone with the Wednesday: My Film Passion

In 2013, I participated in a blogathon that asked to describe the film that peaked your interest in classic films. My choice was, of course, Gone with the Wind. Read...

Gone with the Wednesday: It Pays to Advertise

Here’s just a small representation of the many kinds of posters used to promote Gone with the Wind upon it’s release and re-release:

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Gone with the Wednesday: Via Col Vento Signed by Clark Gable

Clark Gable was famous for thirty years and in that time signed a lot of things–pictures, movie posters, books, handkerchiefs, napkins, hairbows, baseballs, hats…I’ve seen it all. This one, however,...

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Gone with the Wednesday: Carole Lombard O’Hara

Since it’s time for another Gone with the Wednesday and it’s the end of Carole Lombard month, let’s combine the two! Carole Lombard was a warm-blooded female in the 1930’s,...