Happy 115th Birthday, Clark Gable! In celebration, here are 115 random facts about The King of Hollywood: 1. Clark weighed 10 1/2 pounds at birth. 2. He was born at home with the assistance of the town doctor, who charged $10 for the delivery. 3. He was baptized Catholic, one of his dying mother’s final […]

This month, the site’s friends on Facebook voted and chose this 1934 romantic comedy starring Clark and his most frequent leading lady, Joan Crawford, for January’s Movie of the Month. Gable is Mike Bradley, a South American rancher who falls for the glamorous Diana (Crawford) on a cruise ship. Diana falls for Mike too, despite […]

  From November 1936: Virginia Bruce, who is seen with filmland’s most eligible young men, enjoys a variety of escorts, because, she says, “No one man combines all the qualities I like.” The perfect escort, according to the Hollywood actress, would have to possess the best points of the men. She lists them: Robert Taylor […]

Here is another article Modern Screen magazine ran just a few months after the article I posted yesterday. This one goes into more (fluffy fluffy fluffy) detail about Clark and Sylvia’s “great romance.” For the actor he is, Clark Gable put on a bad performance these past few years. Loneliness stood out on him like […]

Today marks 74 years since Carole Lombard died suddenly at age 33. She was the victim, along with her mother and one of Clark’s closest friends, of a fiery plane crash near Las Vegas. A difficult day for Clark Gable and Carole Lombard fans, as in a way it ended both of their lives. Carole’s […]

From January 1934: The latest report from The Merry Widow front is that Clark Gable has asked the studio to permit him to appear in the production as an extra. There are sentimental reasons behind the request. Gable was an extra in the silent version six years ago. The earlier Merry Widow won fame for […]