From November 1940: Most publicized star-ranchers are Clark Gable and Carole Lombard, who can’t pick an orange or feed a hen without having to pose for a picture. So many yarns were written about Squire Gable’s real ambition—to leave the screen and go back to the land–that every mail still brings him a sale-offer of […]

From August 1936: Red Camellias for Carole Lombard. There’s a romance there, but Hollywood has been unable to learn the name of the man. Each morning during the past week the flowers have arrived on the set where she and Fred MacMurray are making “The Princess Comes Across.” Some accuse the shy MacMurray. Others speak […]

Happy Birthday, Carole Lombard! To celebrate, since it’s Friday too, here are some gossip items about Carole’s birthday over the years, some I’ve printed before, some I haven’t: From 1931: Yesterday was Carole Lombard’s birthday. Husband Bill Powell gave her an antique silver service and a china set. From 1937: Carole Lombard had a birthday.  […]

This article was in the premiere issue of the fan magazine “Stardom,” February 1942. Now, before you go thinking this will be a sad piece as it was published right after Carole Lombard’s death in January 1942, publication was a lot slower back then and when this hit shelves in January, Carole Lombard’s death was […]

From September 1941: Two old hunting pals spent a few hours in Albuquerque Monday, after their eastbound plane was grounded by bad weather–and Alvarado hotel employees were almost swamped by a rush of autograph seekers.  The reasons: one of the hunters is Clark Gable, motion picture star, who was accompanied by his wife, Carole Lombard […]

From October 1936: Clark Gable has been offered $50,000 to fight Max Baer, former world’s heavyweight champion. He says he may accept it if he finds he has enough time between pictures to do the necessary training. The offer was made by Tom Gallery, veteran California fight promoter, just after Gable had knocked out Allen […]