Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were married 76 years ago today, on March 29, 1939. After three years of will-they-or-won’t-they, America’s favorite couple had made it official. I usually post this on their anniversary, but instead of me telling the tale of their wedding day, it’s best coming from Clark Gable himself, don’t you think? […]

This month, Clark Gable is a thief chasing jewelry and fellow swindler Rosalind Russell in They Met in Bombay. Gable is Gerald Meldrick, a jewel thief who has trailed a British duchess to India to steal her antique diamond necklace. He encounters Anya Von Duren (Russell), a rival thief out for the same score. She […]

From 1946: Clark Gable got his fill of flying during the war. He doesn’t even want to do a flying picture. His next will be “Lucky Baldwin,” and Angela Lansbury (MGM’s next big star, according to L.B. Mayer) plays the gal who wins, loses and recaptures the colorful gambler. In his spare time Clark’s been […]

From September 1941: The beautiful ranch home of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard is for sale. The asking price is to be $130,000. The reason? The Gables have bought a ranch in Ventura county. They plan to build there and raise about 1200 head of cattle. They’d  like to make only one picture a year, […]

From January 1936: Clark Gable’s reception committee in Lima, Peru, made his American fans look like pikers. He got away from the airport alive, which was a miracle. In his hotel, preparing to shave, a mob of girls broke down the door and entered through the window. Clark finally had to attend a large party […]

From November 1935: Extra! Clark Gable Arrested! Imagine your favorite hero’s surprise when two strong arms of the law strode into the studio and slapped a firm hand on his shoulder. Seems Gable is such a stout huntsman that he makes his own shells. He borrowed a reloading machine from a friend on the Culver […]

  On March 26, 1958, Clark Gable put on a tux (complete with tails, no less) and headed to the RKO Pantages Theater for the 30th Annual Academy Awards. He attended as a presenter with his Teacher’s Pet co-star, Doris Day.  This marked one of the handful of times that Clark attended the awards and […]