Just as I did for Clark Gable’s fourth wife, Sylvia Ashley, I’ve rounded up newspaper blurbs about his fifth wife, Kay Williams. Kathleen “Kay” Williams was born on August 7, 1916 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Her father left the family when Kay was very young and so she, her brother Vincent and sister Elizabeth were raised […]

From January 1955 (Louella Parsons): When Clark Gable allows his picture to be taken again and again with the same girl at social events, it begins to look serious. Well, the King has been photographed many times lately with Kay Williams Spreckels, beautiful blonde ex-wife of sugar millionaire Adolph Spreckels.  Kay was terribly in love […]

Ok, ok, stop laughing about the title of this article. “Gay” meant something else entirely in 1938! This article is about attending a dinner party with Clark Gable, Carole Lombard, Walter Lang and his wife Fieldsie and Claudette Colbert. So the next morning Clark, who is a good shot, brought back a bevy of wild […]

Fan letter from 1946: It is wonderful to know that we will soon see Clark Gable again. He doesn’t make the femmes “swoon”–he makes them “tingle.” Others have portrayed the adorable scoundrel but none can do it so effectively as Clark Gable; one wonders whether it is something provocative in his eyes or just that ironic grin. Generally […]