From February 1938: Tailors of the nation cast a practiced eye over some of America’s celebrities Tuesday and measured up 10 men, including President Roosevelt, for sartorial honors. The President took top ranking among wearers of double-breasted dinner jackets.  Clark Gable, the actor, won for appearing best dressed in sports clothes. “Men and women both […]

On July 1, this website turned 7 years old! I didn’t celebrate this milestone on the site since a much more important milestone occurred on that very day: Olivia de Havilland’s 100th birthday. When the site started seven years ago, it was completely hand-coded. I taught myself coding by buying some website software and a […]

This article from 1932 appeared in the same magazine and was by the same writer as last week’s article, appearing nearly a year later. Oh and what a difference a year makes! Just the year before, she was asking him what kind of woman he preferred. Not anymore! Now he is being painted as the […]

From March 1941: Clark Gable’s still kicking That regularly recurring report of Clark Gable’s death was going the rounds again this week; the rumor originated in Georgia this time and had the star smashed to smithereens in an automobile accident. As usual, a studio executive had to go through the red-tape ceremony of going over […]

From January 1939: Clark Gable’s feet have been problem children ever since he can remember. “The jams they have gotten me into would fill a book,” he said. But from now on, Gable’s 11-C’s have his blessings. He admits being gratefully surprised that they piloted him safely through his song-and-dance act for “Idiot’s Delight,” now […]

From October 1939: Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy and Robert Taylor were discussing the war the other day in the studio cafe. Tracy said: “Well, Taylor, I suppose you’ll be the first to go if if the United States gets into this thing. Too bad. Gable and I are lucky. We’re too old.” “Yeah, we’re too old,” […]