The morning of January 22 brought details from Carole and her mother’s brief funeral, held the day before. Simple Funeral Rites Held for Carole Lombard Actress is Buried With Other Movie Immortals in Memorial Park Carole Lombard was with the other movie immortals in Forest Lawn Memorial Park today. After a brief, simple service–in accordance […]

January 21 brought news of Carole’s funeral to be held later that day at Forest Lawn.   Carole Lombard Funeral at Forest Lawn Private funeral services, with only intimate friends present, were arranged for 4:00pm today, in the Church of the Recessional, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, for screen star Carole Lombard and her mother, […]

From July 1941: Because Clark Gable and Carole Lombard interested themselves in his career, tall handsome Reed Hadley, who hails from Texas via New York theatre and radio acting stopovers, appears to be safely launched in Hollywood. Young Hadley first attracted Miss Lombard’s attention when he appeared with her on a national radio broadcast. Gable […]

By the time Americans received their Sunday morning papers on January 18, the headlines changed from Carole Lombard being “feared” dead to being a confirmed casualty.   Carole Lombard Among 22 Killed in Air Crash Blonde, carefree screen actress Carole Lombard, her mother and 20 other occupants of a luxurious TWA skysleeper crashed to flaming death […]

Happy 2017! Here’s to a happy new year with less shocking celebrity deaths! Please! Here’s what went on around here in 2016:   New articles added to the Article Archive: 1936: Gable Changed? 1932: Gable Denies Divorce Rumors 1931: Will Gable Take the Place of Valentino? 1935: What I Think About Clark Gable by Jean […]