From May 1940: “Gone with the Wind” [director Victor Fleming] is now directing Clark (Rhett Butler) Gable in “Boom Town”–and thereby hangs a chucklesome anecdote. Seems that Clark, who unmercifully ribbed Fleming during the filming of “Gone” by charging him with slave-driving tactice, has been harping on the same theme during “Boom Town.” The other […]

From July 1936: A script clerk’s job apparently seems very unimportant–until something goes wrong. For instance: We were “picking up” an exterior night shot. Hundreds of extras were called and many “bit” people were on the set. Suddenly [director W.S.] Van Dyke asks, “Did Clark Gable have the gloves on or off as he was […]

From December 1940: Clark Gable NEVER orders the “Clark Gable Salad” on the MGM cafe menu. ___ The Clark Gable Salad consisted of green chicory chopped with romaine, a deep covering of hard-boiled eggs and a circle of slivered beets with French dressing. Yuck.

From October 1941: Carole Lombard was “burned up” today over radio movie gossip reports that 1. She was critically ill, And 2. That she was going to get a divorce from her husband, Clark Gable.  She was perfectly well, said Miss Lombard, and neither she nor Mr. Gable had any intention of getting a divorce. […]

From November 1941: Carole Lombard is a girl who keeps her promises. When she and Clark Gable were married she said that she would never make a film while Gable was on vacation–since she wanted to travel and hunt with him. Recently she was signed to star in the Lubitsch-directed film, “To Be or Not […]

Hello everyone! Today, July 1, marks the eighth anniversary of the site! Shocking to me, I can’t believe it’s been that long. I apologize to all fans for the lack of updates so far this year. I have not given up on my commitment to this site. Some serious personal things came up and sometimes […]