Today, here’s some photos from one of my very favorite Clark Gable films, Hold Your Man (1933). Adorable publicity shots with Jean Harlow: Clark and Jean were buddies and it really shows. It is remarkable how much sexual chemistry they have but yet they were like playful brother and sister when the cameras weren’t rolling. […]

From 1946: It happened at a beach resort up the coast, where Clark Gable was spending his holiday. In the middle of the night he beard a strange noise in his room. It stopped, then grew even louder. Clark finally called down to the desk and asked them to send up the house detective. They […]

From 1947: While Clark Gable, Cesar Romero, Diana Lewis and the Walter Langs stood speechless, Brian Donlevy brought a 27-pound halibut to gaff aboard a chartered boat. Because Brian insisted he had never fished on the ocean before, Clark took pity on him and arranged the outing. Beginner’s luck, Brian declared. Clark, whose catch weighed […]

Fan letter from 1946: I have been an ardent Clark Gable fan for many years (especially since seeing “Gone with the Wind”), so naturally I was eagerly looking forward to Clark’s return to the screen, Well, I have seen “Adventure” and what a disappointment! The dialogue and situations were either hackneyed or ridiculous, and the […]

From October 1934: It remained for Clark Gable to give a sensible explanation of “mistaken conceit.” “Many screen stars are so described,” Gable said, “Because people are looking for reasons to apply the high-hat phrase. For instance, suppose A and B, two friends, pass on the street, and A fails to see B. Later, B […]