From January 1941: Baltimore–Dr. Louis Hamman said today Clark Gable would have a tooth extracted in an effort to cure a shoulder ailment that actor has suffered since 1937.  Gable, who arrived Monday with Carole Lombard, said “present plans call for us to fly back to Hollywood Saturday or Sunday.” __ Tooth extraction to cure […]

From November 1941: The career question is no longer hot among the older, more established star marriages. The Robert Taylors rarely visit each other’s set, but Carole Lombard is a constant guest while Clark Gable is shooting, and at his express request. And if Miss Lombard ever wants really to tease the redoubtable Gable all […]

Today, November 16, marks 56 years since Clark Gable passed away at the age of 59. You can read about his death and funeral here. Below are the past years memorial tributes: 2015: Marilyn Monroe and John Huston Remember Clark Gable 2014: Goodbye, Mr. Gable (Clark’s final days, as told by his widow) 2013: In […]

From June 1941: There is one laugh in Hollywood you can never mistake–Carole Lombard’s.  I hear it when I come onto the “Honky Tonk” set at MGM, and sure enough, there is Carole howling at Clark Gable’s get-up for his gambler’s role in the Alaskan melodrama. Unperturbed, Gable takes her by the shoulders and kisses […]

From January 1942: Mittens will soon be coming of age.  One of the smartest innovations in accessories will be seen on the screen, when Carole Lombard wears mittens with sophisticated street clothes.  The ever-original Irene has designed several woolen costumes for the glamorous star to wear in Ernst Lubitsch’s “To Be or Not to Be” […]

Much to the surprise of her friends, when Carole Lombard fell in love with Clark Gable she traded in her high heels and fur coats for rubber boots and shotguns. There was the glamorous movie star Carole Lombard, wading through swamps and crouching in duck blinds. Here are the Gables in their very finest: The […]

  Here is a short little article that appeared in the February 1942 edition of Screen Guide magazine. Sadly, by the time this issue hit newsstands, the spirited subject of the article would be dead. “Hermit” is a word that conjured up pictures of wizened characters with long white beards, living solitary lives in caves […]