This little photo spread appeared in LOOK magazine in 1955. Breathes there a girl who, at some time or other, has not dreamed of being bussed by that master, Clark Gable? A reasonably true-to-life dream might go like this: The young lady is visiting a Hollywood sound stage, where a Gable picture is in the […]

From January 1938: Hollywood’s cut-ups and the most mysterious people, when they want to be, are putting up a swell “whodunnit” all of their own. Naturally, I’m speaking of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. One day, a horse named “Clarcarol” appeared from nowhere on the listings. It only took about half a guess to find […]

From 1949: Iris Bynum may have been publicized as the only starlet never to have made a picture, her fame grew from the fact that she had the most glamorous dates in the film colony. [Fans] recall seeing her pictured at premieres and parties with Orson Welles, Van Johnson and her steadiest beau—Clark Gable. But […]

Some photos from To Please a Lady, which was later re-released as “Red Hot Wheels” or “Indianapolis.” Filmed on location at the Indianapolis Speedway, there are some great on the set shots: And this, one of the most infamous on-set photos: Clark and Barbara were friends (and nothing more!), with great affection for each other […]

When coming upon this article and seeing it’s line under the title: “Clark Escaped the Senoritas of the Argentine Only to Be Captured by a Broadcasting Station”–you would expect an exciting article about Clark Gable’s recent trip to South America. And you would be disappointed. Initially, we are treated to these tidbits about Clark’s trip: […]

From 1949: One more name has been added to the long list of leading ladies who think Clark Gable is the absolute tops. She’s Alexis Smith, who works with the king in “Any Number Can Play.” Their first scene together, sans any previous acquaintance and avec only a hasty introduction, involved Mr. G. and Miss […]