From November 1941: Clark Gable said to be hunting in Ohio. The state conservation division reported today that movie actor Clark Gable was hunting in Henry County. Division officials said Henry County officials, in reporting a shortage of hunting licenses, said that the movie star was one of thousands of out-of-state hunters who had applied […]

In this 1936 article, a magazine writer who first met Clark Gable in 1931 goes back to interview him now that he’s had a string of hits and an Oscar. It is always hard for me to temper my enthusiasm in writing of Clark Gable. I happened to do the first interview with him and I […]

From February 1938: Tailors of the nation cast a practiced eye over some of America’s celebrities Tuesday and measured up 10 men, including President Roosevelt, for sartorial honors. The President took top ranking among wearers of double-breasted dinner jackets.  Clark Gable, the actor, won for appearing best dressed in sports clothes. “Men and women both […]

On July 1, this website turned 7 years old! I didn’t celebrate this milestone on the site since a much more important milestone occurred on that very day: Olivia de Havilland’s 100th birthday. When the site started seven years ago, it was completely hand-coded. I taught myself coding by buying some website software and a […]

This article from 1932 appeared in the same magazine and was by the same writer as last week’s article, appearing nearly a year later. Oh and what a difference a year makes! Just the year before, she was asking him what kind of woman he preferred. Not anymore! Now he is being painted as the […]