From August 1931: Every reader of Adela Rogers St. John’s interesting Hollywood stories in New Movie [magazine] will want to see the talkie built at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios from her novel, “A Free Soul.” The story makes a very effective vehicle for Norma Shearer. The motherless Jan Ashe has been raised by her father, a hard-drinking […]

This month, Clark’s a grumbling small-time boxer in a love-hate relationship with Marion Davies’ spunky waitress-turned dancer in Cain and Mabel. Clark Gable is Larry Cain, a heavyweight boxer, whose publicity team cooks up a fake romance with Mabel O’Dare (Davies), an aspiring musical star, for publicity. The two loathe each other but begrudgingly agree […]

From 1949: Another lavish opening was at Mocambo, when Desi Arnaz opened, and, of course, everyone who loves Lucille Ball and Desi turned out. Surprise of the evening was Clark Gable’s first date with Paulette Goddard and I think the story of how this combination came about is most amusing. A mutual friend has asked […]

From November 1936: Clark Gable and Mae West are not included in the “Who’s Who,” the American publication issued early, which lists what it considers are the important people of the United States. Clark and Mae have millions of admirers but they still are unable to be mentioned in the pages of this noted book. […]

From January 1935: Clark Gable is well aware that the life of a movie star is not a bed of roses; but, nevertheless, he got a surprise while he was working in “Copy Cat” with Constance Bennett. The actor, according to the script, was required to make a leap into a rowboat. He obeyed instructions, […]

From 1949: Ada Dodge, charming hostess, claims that it was her famous “Chuck Wagon Stew” that was responsible for bringing Ann Sheridan and Clark Gable together for some fun and a few laughs. Ann, as a cowgirl, met rancher Gable at this party and started tongues aging. I do know they lunched together the next […]

From 1949: Admiring eyes were glued on Clark Gable when he made of his rare nightclub appearances at Mocambo. And we wish you too could have seen that ol’smoothie dancing a rumba with Iris Bynum! Speaking of Clark, it’s rumored his MGM bosses would like him to dye his graying temples. Our money says they’ll […]

A reporter discusses actors and actresses with Charles Laughton, April 1935: “One thing certainly prejudices me [against stars], and that’s personality. If I meet a star and dislike him very much indeed, I always try to say the best I can about his pictures, just in case I;m tempted to be unfair.”  “Yes, I can […]